Sunday School

Our Sunday school classes meet at 9:30 on Sunday Mornings before Worship at 10:30.

More info to come about our diverse offerings and opportunities to connect with God, His Word, and His people on Sunday mornings.


children's ministry

Childcare is available here at Reedy Fork Baptist  because we truly value children and their families and hope to provide a helping hand to families in the discipling of their children on a level that enables growth and understanding of the goodness of GOD and His love for them. 

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Finding Us is Easy (Sundays and Wednesdays)

When you pull up on Campus, you will drop your children off at the upper level of the Family Life Center. which is located to the right side of the sanctuary doors. Simply  look for the sign that says, 

“Kids Check-In”. We will lead you where you need to go. We will also ask you to fill out your contact information to ensure we are able to contact you. 

A Word about Safety and Security

All of our Reedy Fork Baptist Kids team members have gone through an extensive background check. Also, members of our lead team walk the halls and visit rooms during the small group sessions. For added security, ministry team members regularly roam our hallways during each of our gatherings.

Age Groups for Sunday Morning

Nursery- (More info to come)

Preschool- (More info to come)

Children- (More info to come) 

Age Groups for Wednesdays

Nursery- (More info to come)

Preschool- (More info to come)

Children- (More info to come) 

Where do I pick up my children? 

You will pick up your child / children at the same location as "Kids Check-in"

Additional events are also offered throughout the year including summer camp, weekend retreats, day trips, mission work, & many other activities. 

(Click here) to connect to our children's ministry page for addition information about "UPCOMING" children's events.

PLEASE know we do require a "Permission Form" to be on file for students to attend most of our additional events throughout the year. 

To fill out "Permission Form" simply

(Click Here).



RISE Student Ministry exists to provide opportunities for students in middle school through high school to RISE GATHER incorporate worship, small group Bible study, service opportunities, and multiple exciting activities throughout the year that will encourage students to RISE GROW in their passion for Jesus Christ and a LIFE that pursues HIM, resulting in students that will RISE GO in to their church, their schools, their homes, their places of play, places of work, and their communities wherever they may be, to go be the leaders that call others to RISE to life in JESUS CHRIST so that many more will come to RISE & GATHER, GROW, and GO in Jesus Christ’s name, who alone gives life to the fullest. 


Our belief is when a student discovers a reason to RISE to a life in JESUS CHRIST, through Christ they can experience GOD-GIVEN purposes and passions; and through those, their lives, and the lives around them will never be the same.  

(Matthew 28:19-20; 1 Timothy 4:12; Ephesians 3:20-21).


The focus of accomplishing our purpose for the student ministry here is to build dynamic relationships between leaders, students, and their families in a way that will be used by God in some amazing ways to see lives changed through Christ. It’s also our desire to see ENTIRE families impacted; the passion behind much of what we do here in RISE Student Ministry will be about the ENTIRE family not just the students we serve here in our RISE Student Ministry.

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Sunday Mornings:

Sunday.School: 9:30am

Worship: 10:30am

Sunday Evenings:

Middle- High School (6th-12th Grades) 

RISE nights 5:30pm till 7:30pm

(Check-in located: Upper level of Family Life Center)

Why Sunday Evenings?

In keeping with our desire here at Reedy Fork Baptist Church to make much of the name of Jesus Christ in every generation we're excited to begin creating a new and consistent weekly opportunity for Students 6th-12th grades here at Reedy Fork Baptist Church and within the local community to attend a specific night geared toward connecting students with one another, adult leaders who will encourage them, & the God of goodness who loves them more than they can even imagine. 

Therefore, we believe Sunday evenings, especially during the school year with all the sports programs, homework, and other extracurricular activities that take place throughout the week, offer the best opportunity to accomplish the above stated mission. 

What happens on a typical Sunday Evening?

Students start arriving around 5:30pm to hang out, fellowship with one another over food, laughs, & games . Once our gathering starts, we like to start out with some sort of an Icebreaker (a game or funny video), then we spend time worshiping together through music and the study of God's Word. Our teaching is always geared towards students and age appropriate. Sometimes we'll end our night by splitting into smaller groups where we discuss the teaching, ask questions, encourage one another, and pray together.

I’m new. Will there be people there that I know?

Chances are, if you attend a local school or attend Reedy Fork Baptist Church on Sundays, you will know someone! If you don't, we will introduce you! 

Additional events are also offered throughout the year including summer camp, weekend retreats, day trips, mission work, & many other activities.

(Click here) for the "RISE" student ministry page for all the latest information about "UPCOMING" student ministry events.

PLEASE know we do require a "Permission Form" to be on file for  students to attend most of our additional events throughout the year. 

To fill out a "Permission Form" simply

(Click Here).

More information email Student Pastor Dwain:

Worship / music Ministry

We love to Worship through God's Word and song here at Reedy Fork Baptist Church and embrace the gifting's of God's people in bringing glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ with the playing of instruments and the lifting of voices. More info about our Worship and Music ministry to come. 

(Please check back later for more details)

Local & Global Missions

Here at Reedy Fork Baptist Church we take the call of Jesus Christ seriously to "Go" (Matthew 28:19-20) & take an "Acts 1:8" approach, believing that missions start here in our local community and expand to reach the ends of the earth. 


Please check out our "Missions" page (Click here).