What to expect on a sunday...

Our hope is that everyone who enters Reedy Fork Baptist Church will truly experience a warm, friendly Community of Believers that will be delighted you have come to take part in any of our gatherings as we seek to make much of the name of Jesus Christ, whether it be in study of the Word, worship, service, or fellowship as we seek to do all in Christ's name. There is a place for everyone, from birth on up. We are a place that desires to joyfully welcome all who come to join us as we continually discover and experience the life changing grace, love, and power of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Here at Reedy Fork, Every Heart Matters!

Extra Info: 

-We promise not to single out new visitors.

-You can relax, we're not scary. We're a lot like you and your family.

-You can participate as much or as little as you like.

-There's no "Dress Code" (See below).

-We LOVE kids (See Below).

What do i wear?

There's no, "Dress Code".

Members and guests to our church wear everything from casual to business casual

to suit and tie or dress. Because of the diversity of worship experiences and people you will feel comfortable in any of the above. Our main purpose is for you to connect with God and God’s people.

Do you have childcare?

Childcare is available here at Reedy Fork Baptist  because we truly value children and their families and hope to provide a helping hand to families in the discipling of their children on a level that enables growth and understanding of the goodness of GOD and His love for them. 

Finding Us is Easy (Sundays and Wednesdays)

When you pull up on Campus, you will drop your children off at the upper level of the Family Life Center. which is located to the right side of the sanctuary doors. Simply  look for the sign that says, 

“Kids Check-In”. We will lead you where you need to go. We will also ask you to fill out your contact information to ensure we are able to contact you. 

A Word about Safety and Security

All of our Reedy Fork Baptist Kids team members have gone through an extensive background check. Also, members of our lead team walk the halls and visit rooms during the small group sessions. For added security, ministry team members regularly roam our hallways during each of our gatherings.

Age Groups for Sunday Morning

Nursery- (More info to come)

Preschool- (More info to come)

Children- (More info to come) 

Age Groups for Wednesdays

Nursery- (More info to come)

Preschool- (More info to come)

Children- (More info to come) 

Where do I pick up my children? 

You will pick up your child / children at the same location as "Kids Check-in"

Additional events are also offered throughout the year including summer camp, weekend retreats, day trips, mission work, & many other activities. 

(Click here) to connect to our children's ministry page for addition information about "UPCOMING" children's events.

PLEASE know we do require a "Permission Form" to be on file for students to attend most of our additional events throughout the year. 

To fill out "Permission Form" simply

(Click Here).